The Alana Hair Clinic is a healthcare polyclinic accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health. The Alana Hair Clinic also holds the International Medical Tourism licence from the Turkish Ministry of Health, allowing the acceptance of international patients from all over the world.

Hair transplantation procedures are performed by doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologists inside the facility. All of our staff are top-notch professionals, with more than 10 years of hair transplantation experience, regularly following the most avant-gardist developments in hair transplant techniques.

Other medical aesthetic procedures, such as filler, botox, skin rejuvenation and laser treatments are also performed in the polyclinic. Indeed, we are not limited to hair transplants. The Alana Hair Clinic provides high quality services in the Levent district, where comfort meets luxury and hygiene at the heart of Istanbul.

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Why Alana Hair Clinic?

A Medical Team with More than
10 Years of Experience in Hair Transplantation
The Alana Hair Clinic Medical Team has performed over 5,000 hair transplant procedures. Through hard work and dedication they have mastered the FUE, DHI and Sapphire Hair Transplant techniques. Our surgeons achieve the most aesthetically beautiful outcome by balancing the balding and receding areas requirements and the patient’s donor availability, resulting in the best possible hair transplant.
The Most Advanced Hair Transplant Techniques
Designed for You

Our surgeons and medical team continuously follow the latest scientific developments and techniques in hair transplantation. Each and every patient’s requirements are unique.

That is why our surgeons study your individual case to determine which technique is best for you.

A Luxurious Healthcare Facility Dedicated to
Hair Transplantation

The Alana Hair Clinic is a luxurious polyclinic located right in the center of Istanbul, in the famous Levent district. Esthetic hospitals and clinics are scattered all over the area, fully dedicated to beauty procedures. The Alana Hair Clinic gives value to its patients by making their purpose out of serving their guests and offering VIP-quality services.

Virtual Consultation For Hair Transplant - Not Just a
Graft Calculator
The Alana Hair Clinic is the first healthcare institution that provides Artificial Intelligence- based virtual consultations for its hair transplant patients. Overseas patients coming from far away can connect to drethos.alanaclinic.com and receive an instant treatment plan, find out if he/she is eligible for a hair transplant, how many grafts are needed, and all about the before-and-after information based on the medical conditions of the consultant.
Impeccable Experience
The Alana Hair Clinic promises every patient an impeccable experience and the greatest hair transplant treatment. Our team will take you to discover the wonders of Istanbul, mixing health and beauty with the right dose of art and culture.
Affordable Prices
The Alana Hair Clinic provides all of these unique services and the best hair transplantation procedures for the most affordable prices. (link to cost page)
After getting your hair transplant at the Alana Hair Clinic, we will continue taking care of you for a whole year. We will follow your progress regularly and give you the necessary advice for over 12 months to help you achieve the best possible results.

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